Western medicine is all about one-size fits all. But pharmaceutical drugs and invasive procedures are not always the answer for everyone – like you! You may have tried medical doctors to no avail and perhaps even chiropractic, homeopathy, and a multitude of other therapies, but health issues remain an illusion. Here is a way for you to determine your Constitutional Type and discover what is right for you!

Which Type Are You? 

Sensitive Constitution?

You are:
✓  Highly sensitive to odors, foods, electric, and lots more!

✓  Proactive – searching for more natural, less harmful solutions to your health issues

✓  Comfortable with Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and others

✓  Pharmeceuticals are too harsh (or don’t work with your hyper-sensitive system). You find yourself experimenting with multiple natural therapies. Herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic, meditation, prayer, yoga, reflexology, Reiki, and…

✓  Comfortable with a vegetarian or vegan diet. You buy organic when possible, (which might not be as healthy as you think ▬ try natural farm produce!)  

✓  Uses self-help material, classes, lectures, and books to learn what you need to know to stay well 

✓  When a doctor is needed, you search out Alternative Medicine, Naturopathic physicians, Doctors of Osteopathy who is a Sensitive like yourself 

✓  Very Intuitive ▬ you know things you don’t “know”

These products are for YOU!

AltWaters™ System for Electric Overload (9 weeks)

Strong Constitution?

You are:
✓  Seldom ill

✓  Tend to ignore symptoms until forced to deal with health issues

✓  More comfortable with western medicine

✓  Often use multiple medications, but may be open to trying something different as a last resort

✓  Tend to prefer the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)

✓  Scientific validation is important in your search for help 

✓  Prefer doctors with degrees in western medicine with proven results

✓  Depend on authority figures for answers to their questions

These products are for YOU! Here are 36 Singles Line formulas which may be used singly or in combination with each other ▬ or even along with your medications. Being water-based, there is never a problem with interaction.

36 SinglesLine Products